New Blog.

I have taken a break from blogging recently, I found that it wasn't really helping me deal with my grief and for me I needed to find a way to deal with daily life without writing about it. I hated how negative my blog seemed when reading it and I also hated how talking about … Continue reading New Blog.

Heatwave and our lack of sleep.

This heat has absolutely killed me. I'm not good when it is warm and neither is hubby (with him being ginger). I burn really easily and feel very sick if its too warm so I have been hiding inside most of the time. With Ellie being ginger haired too I've been worried about her getting … Continue reading Heatwave and our lack of sleep.

Time for Me.

As usual the past 2 weeks seem to have been hectic. I have had so many blogs in my head and just no time to post and now they seem pretty pointless.  It dawned on me this week that in less than a month I will be back at work and my maternity leave will … Continue reading Time for Me.


June marks the beginning of SANDS awareness month.  Their campaign this year focuses on the number 15. 15 babies a day. 15 babies a day die. This is such a huge number for a topic that is so widely unspoken of.  Not just 15 babies but 15 mums, 15 dads, 15 grandparents are all affected … Continue reading JUNE


I havent slept properly in weeks. E is 6 and half months and her sleep seems like a newborn again. She falls asleep well to start with but then shes up every 2 hours.  This morning she decided 2am was play time even though shes yawning, yesterday play time was at 3:30. She usually wakes … Continue reading Sleep?


Tonight I spent a few hours while Ellie slept sorting through her small clothes and bagging them up in to vaccuum bags until I know someone who wishes to look through them. Such a simple task and something as a parent you do all the time. Shes now in 6-9month clothes so there was quite … Continue reading Guilt.


Life in general gets away from me at times and I find I am constantly chasing my tail and playing catch up. Since Jason's birthday I have thrown myself in to daily life as much as possible to try and ease the grief I have been feeling. For the majority it has worked. Ive gone … Continue reading Life.